the state of being comfortable, healthy, or happy.

``an improvement in an individuals well-being``

Synonyms: welfare, health, good health, happiness, comfort, security, safety, protection, prosperity,

profit, good, success, fortune, good fortune, advantage, interest, prosperousness, successfulness

Wellbeing is important for everyone – as an individual and as a vital member of a successful organisation. Press Go works with you to determine what wellbeing means to you and your organisation.

Workplace Wellbeing:  What it is and Why it is important?

The definition above is a generalised one for wellbeing.  And we all know that it is not only the ‘airy, fairy,touchy, feely’ thing that gets overlooked at best and at worst ignored completely.

Workplace Wellbeing is quickly becoming more than a fashionable trend.  Recognising that we spend a third of our day at work, the workplace is the perfect environment for organisations to support wellbeing initiatives.  The benefits of wellbeing programmes in the workplace can be substantial and the overall effect, positive.

We all know that wellbeing is different for every business, so it is important for PressGo to understand where wellbeing sits for you and your business before we try and create a solution.

Wellbeing is not just how someone feels – ill or well.  It is about how active they are, what they eat and drink; the impact of personal relationships and activities outside of work etc.

But we typically spend more time with work colleagues than we do with family and friends.  So the investment of thought and time into how a work environment impacts on your team.

A good workplace wellbeing programme has an impact on the mental, physical, emotional, social, and spiritual wellbeing of directors, managers, employees and volunteers.

We believe that people are the biggest asset to any business / organisation and we want to support you all to ensure that your shared space is one that is lively and healthy.


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