At PressGo, we understand the importance of workplace training.  Benefits to upskilling your team, include:

Productivity – well trained staff know what to do and how to do it.  The quality of work improves, as can the quantity.

Morale – well trained staff know how to do their role,  they are more likely to feel comfortable and satisfied with the company.

Independence – well trained staff feel comfortable with their tasks and roles, they need less time with their managers, freeing them up to be more productive.

If you have any requests or training ideas, contact PressGo to have a conversation about your workplace needs.

Community Workshops:

Mental Health First Aid for the workplace (2019)

Price $110, plus GST, per person

Limited spaces so contact us now to register: Email or call (07) 829 4822 ext 6.

All workshops are held between 1pm and 4pm, at CCS Disability Action, 17 Claudelands Road, Hamilton East.

Workplace Stress (2019)

Price: $110 plus GST, per person

Limited spaces so contact us now to register: Email or call (07) 829 4822 ext 6.

All workshops are held between 9.30am to 12.30pm, at CCS Disability Action, 17 Claudelands Road, Hamilton East.

Wellbeing Investment Series

Workplace Wellness programmes are an investment in the most important asset your business has … its employees. The Wellbeing Investment Series is a collection of workshops delivered by facilitators trained in the areas of health, physical activity and communications.

Work your way through all the topics or pick and mix to suit your workplace.

Topics include:

Mental Health and Safety

There is a growing acceptance of mental health in our communities with 1 in 5 New Zealanders experiencing a mental illness at some time in their lives, but how does this relate to your workplace? And now that mental health, excessive stress and workplace bullying is part of Health and Safety at Work Act, you need to be aware of the risk to you and your employees, and therefore, your organisation. This workshop will leave you knowing: What the current Health and Safety legislation says about mental health; Tips on creating an environment that promotes positive mental wellbeing; and Ideas on how to add to your Health and Safety policies to cover mental health.

Stress vs Burnout

Stress is something we all deal with regularly, and we are hearing more and more about Burnout… but what is the difference between the two? In this workshop, we talk about self-management, lifestyle causes, along with signs and symptoms to look out for. We also cover some practical tips on how to recover from burnout, and how to make the most of positive stress. This workshop can be directed either to employees or managers/team leaders.

Facilitation Skills

This workshop looks at the differences between facilitating support and providing support, some principles best outcomes. Part of the time is spent on discussing the reciprocity of facilitation and personal planning, followed by opportunities to use well-documented planning models. You will leave this workshop with a better understanding of one-to-one work and how to get the most meaningful results from your time spent with clients. This workshop can be directed either for staff in the health and disability sector (full day workshop) or to managers/team leaders (part day).

Resilience, Boundaries and Self-Care

The saying “you need to look after yourself before looking after others” is proving to be more and more accurate.  This workshop will help you to learn strategies to ensure you are working smarter for you and your workplace.

Recognising Difference

Negative attitudes and behaviours are a major barrier to many people recovering from a mental health problem.  Everyone has a part to play in breaking down these barriers, so come along and learn what you can do. We all want to be treated fairly and with respect.  Some of us don’t get this, because we are different in some way.  In this workshop, we cover the various types of discrimination and how they can affect people, you will learn how to recognise when discrimination is happening, and how you can make changes to lessen them. You and your team will learn the importance of language, both spoken and body; will learn to recognise and celebrate the differences in each other and how this will improve your interactions with clients and customers.

Mental Health and Self Harm

Self-harm is a growing problem within our communities.  This workshop has been developed to give a brief overview of the issues and provide some suggestions on how to support someone.

Human Rights

In this workshop, you will get an overview of human rights, from the New Zealand legislation to the Human Rights Act, to how to make a complaint. Through activities and discussion, you will be better able at spotting breaches of human rights in everyday life and learn about what you should consider improving your work practice in this area.

Our training sessions can run from 20 minutes to multi-day sessions.

If there are topics not listed that you would like to include, we will work with you to meet your needs.

Our participants have said:

“I just wanted to write to thank you so much for yesterday evening.   We felt the content was absolutely ideal and so appreciated your presenting… those people [attended] evidently found it really worthwhile and we could see lots of note-taking.”

Really enjoyed today! Great learning involved and made some awesome new networks.”

“Very good training session. I feel my team have some very positive ideas and tools to take away today”

I thought the layout and presentation was beautifully done. Facts were presented clearly but with humour. Excellent day”

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