PressGo provides new and existing business with consultancy services to help you achieve your business goals.

We understand the impact that good, well thought out processes and plans have on the work-place from work etiquette in open plan work spaces to the creation of a business plan.

PressGo has an approach to providing services that is founded on effective relationships, a full understanding of your requirements, exploiting new opportunities, managing risk and improving project outcomes.  We work with you, ensuring success of the projects – within your budgeted monetary and time constraints.

Our team have practical experience and have demonstrated time after time, the ability to create and deliver innovative, practical solutions.

Our success comes from being ‘qualified by experience’.  We’ve had to work hard to create our own healthy and vibrant workplaces and therefore our understanding of your needs ensures a fully rounded solution offering the best overall value for your investment.

Experience areas:

Business Solutions
– Evaluating your processes and providing options to meet your needs
– From the reviewing of a current policy to the development of a policy manual
PRIMHD (Programme for the Integration of Mental Health Data)
– Mapping – Ensuring your contracts are mapped accurately
– Training – Helping you and your teams understand what PRIMHD is
Client Management System and Information Utility
– Configuring your environment to ensure usable data can be extracted
– Extracting information from your Client Management System to help drive business goals and decisions
– Using your data to get the answers to your questions
Business Plan Development
– Understanding and distilling where you want your business to go
– Building with you an achievable and realistic plan
– Crafting monitoring and evaluation processes – how will you know when you’ve got there?
Audit and Evaluation
– Pre-audit assessment
– Post-audit remedial action plans


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