Creating healthy and vibrant work environments

PressGo is a boutique, community-minded business providing tailored information, support and education to workplaces seeking to become healthy and vibrant.


PressGo: A solution for Your Workplace

By identifying the needs of your workplace, PressGo creates flexible and responsive solutions for wherever you may be in New Zealand.

If you are wanting to build a safe, healthy and vibrant workplace contact PressGo to get started.


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How does PressGo work?

PressGo delivers a combination of workshops, events, information and support to meet the specific needs and requests of businesses.

Workshops cover a range of topics including health and disability awareness, creation of employee wellness plans, and strategic and business planning.

Events can be created to bring clients together to establish self-driven support networks, or to provide information and awareness on specific topics e.g. depression or suicide, employing someone with a disability.

Information and support to ensure you have efficient and effective processes and systems providing you with the results you are seeking.

Benefits of PressGo:

A specifically designed and tailored programme will support an organisation to:

Attract and retain staff and volunteers;
Build a strong reputation;
Improve morale by creating a happy, supportive environment;
Reduce absenteeism costs;
Reduce the effects of a stressful workplace; and
Reduce the incidence, disruption and cost of workplace accidents
Audit and evaluate your current business systems


How long will it take to get PressGo in your business?

PressGo are available to discuss your needs at a time that is convenient to you.

If you would like to be kept updated with news and upcoming workshops from PressGo, please go to our Contact Us page and let us know.